Dear Associates and other participants in Oscar Mike - Golden Sand:

We live in difficult times, we live in uncertain times, it is a fact.

Which means deciding clearly and lucidly, with an associative sense, on who like us, promotes the sport he loves, Airsoft.

The COVID-19 virus has been classified as a pandemic, due to the severity and speed with which it spreads throughout the world.

Portugal is no exception. Today our Prime Minister was categorical in saying that on April 9, 2020, there will be a reassessment of the health status of our country. Therefore, roughly a month before Oscar Mike - Golden Sand.

As understood, institutions such as the chamber, civil protection, firefighters will be in operational contingency, dealing with other realities that could be very serious, during the coming months.

On the other hand, it is not possible to gauge what impact we will have, on the logistical basis necessary for the good performance of the event, we refer to food, fuel and other goods necessary for the event.

Everything considered, postponing the Oscar Mike - Golden Sand, is for this direction, an act of civism and protection of public health.

We refuse to be irresponsible, immature and ignore the possible damage that this pandemic could cause to all of us and our acquaintances and family, so we will not create conditions conducive to the spread of the Corona Virus.

We cannot do Oscar Mike - Golden Sand in May, but we will do the event this year.

As expected, we will return the money already paid by those that like us, wanted an Oscar Mike in May.

It is our intention, we reiterate, to hold the Oscar Mike - Golden Sand event later this year, as soon as public health circumstances permit.

We would like to thank all of you for your trust and attention.


The Direction of the Lusitanian Airsoft Association


Oscar Mike Staff



Oscar Mike is an Airsoft event with international projection, of the dynamics implemented and developed in 2012, we collect the mystique that we want renewed.

We will count with the military vehicles of the Portuguese Association of Military Vehicles (APVM) Ingame.

The Oscar Mike 2018 “Enemy Lines” event was held on May 11, 12 and 13, 2018 with great success.

In 2020, we return with the Oscar Mike 2020 “Golden Sand”, on the 8th, 9th and 10th of May.

It will be three days of pure airsoft, where more than a game, it is a party and a meeting place for all players, starting with a welcome party and concert, where everyone is invited to relax before a weekend full of adrenaline.

The “Golden Sand” Game will start on Saturday morning and will run uninterrupted until the end on Sunday, providing moments of daytime and nighttime play.


This event will take place in Moledo, Lourinhã, 80 km from Lisboa

Staff Oscar Mike chose this venue for the event, for the excellent topographical characteristics and conditions guaranteed by Lourinhã municipal chamber as strategic partner of this event of the Lusitanian Association of Airsoft.

In Oscar Mike safezone, you can set up your tent or take your camper. In this zone you will have the concentration of services Oscar Mike:

Check in;

Medical services;

Bar / Canteen;


Shop Area;

Practical Airsoft Shooting Range;

Showers / toilets;


OSCAR MIKE 2020 Geopolitical Argument:

While the world fears a viral flu threat, the international mass media are forgetting a phantom civil war in the middle of the coastal zone, Bamir, where forces loyal to the established government are trying to halt the intentions of the ultranationalist rebels, although they now add up to their arsenal. more than 6,000 nuclear warheads spread throughout the former Sovs Union and its satellite states.

Shadows descend in the Middle East, political puppets begin their dance which translate into military movements.

In the old Euroland, the President of the Commission of the Euroland Union in March 2019, came to publicly show his support for military missions carried out between the Member States, thus opening the way for the future creation of a “Central Euroland Forces” ie , a “Euro Taskforce”, based on joint operations and a common defense budget.

In this context, Bamir as a coastal zone, located in Pachaland, was once the scene of battles between communist guerrillas on one side and the armed forces of the Sultan, Amir Hussein III, led by English military advisers, from the 22nd Regiment.

We were in the 70s …

Today, the reality is different, there are fragments of that sultunate, which translate into Warlords. Alliances and pacts, for future revenge in exchange for power and wealth, are common.

In this context of chaos, ISAF is called upon to intervene to mediate conflicts in Pachaland.

Euroland and its European and North American contingent are recruited by the respective governments.

We must guarantee peace, medical care and the defense of strategic points in the sultanate!

With all these new tensions arising in the Middle East, ISAF (International Safety Allied Force) is called upon once again to intervene in the control and security of that region.

Is Europe, of faith and Christianity increasingly aging and multicultural, capable of managing military force to intervene?

It is up to you to decide!



22nd Regiment  

Uniforms: DPM; DPM Desert; Multicam; MTP.

4th Marine Division

Uniforms: Marpat; Cadpat; Multicam; Woodland; AOR-1; AOR-2; 3 Color desert.

Euro Army Brigade

Uniforms: Vegetata; FlecktarnTropentarn; Multicam Tropic; Flora; Flora Digital; A-Tacs Fg; A-Tacs Au.


Uniform rules:

Only ONE piece of cammouflage allowed (including Vest/rigs).

No helmets or boonies allowed, they can be replaced by pakol or shemag of any colour.

Gharb Village

Uniforms: Solid Colours (OD, Tan, Browns); Civilian.

Shargh Village

Uniforms: Solid Colours (OD, Tan, Browns); Civilian.

Golden Guard:

Sultan’s Amir Hussein III Private Guard

Uniforms: Black; Multicam-Black; Typhoon;


Note: International players are not required to paint the Airsoft guns at the Oscar Mike Event, only the power of 1.3J (374 fps, with .20 bb's)